Jose as
a Webmaster
husband and
partner is
such an
advantage. When it’s time for something new, I just have to ask.

Why a new site design?

Months and month ago FoodBuzz approached me to partner as an advertiser on my site. At the time I had just changed the look of Wine-blog; and it would have been okay, except the site I had didn’t allow for four columns. It would have meant an immediate redesign, and there’s only so much I’ll ask Jose to do in a short period of time regarding this blog. I had to let it go for the time being, but didn’t let go the concept; not because I’m excited about advertising on this blog, but the idea of food and wine as a singular item is very real to me.

From my traffic, Google ads take about three years to get $100. If it weren’t for my other Webmaster Hasan Aziz, who wanted me to begin to monetize the blog, I would never have added the Google ads. Since it was his bright idea, when the check came in from Google (after three years for $100) I forwarded the money to Hasan.

For me, it’s more about the relational partnering. Wine is a liquid food, and to have a food connection on the right hand side of this blog, where people can also click into that world, I believe is pretty awesome. So… Jose gave me a redesign that will support that food and wine look and partnership. I, like many others before me, will also have my own page on the FoodBuzz site. This is great partnering.

The world of  blogging is all so new and experimental, that I’m willing to try new opportunities that come my way to watch how they evolve.

I’m going get back to blogging each day, referencing the people who have been on this blog as contributors, so you still know where to find them all; but, will be taking some inspiration from FoodBuzz, as I think about my place in the wine world, and now more closely tying in the liquid food aspects together with the solid ones.

I hope you enjoy this new look, and I’d appreciate your feedback. The FoodBuzz banner is coming very soon. I’d also like to deliver what you’d like to read. I’m sure you’ve noticed my recent experimentation, and I’ve learned behind the scenes that many of you read my journaling before anything else. Thanks and I’ll keep trying to deliver what seems to be working. (It’s a work in progress, trust me…)