The “Delicious” in Dark & Delicious ~ 2009

[Above image: Mona’s Table, Alameda]

Petite Sirah on it’s own is “big, black, bold, and beautiful,” according to PS I Love You member John Monnich of Silkwood Wines. I couldn’t agree more.

[Above image: Venga Paella Catering, Oakland]

If you were to enjoy tasting 37 different Petites on their own, as those that were offered at the 2009 Dark & Delicious event last Friday, Petite’s tannins would rip the enamel right off your teeth. (Thank God there’s now Wine Wipes to help with that untidy circumstance.)

[Above image: Montibella Sausage, Orinda]

Knowing and understanding that, when we first decided to have a consumer event that would be based around the variety, we knew that food needed to be part of the experience, so Dark (Petite) & Delicious (food) was born.

[Above image: Kate Meade from Yoshi’s, Oakland]

Yesterday, I uploaded many images of the Petite producers. Today, I’m uploading the restaurants and caterers.

[Above image: Mary’s Pizza Shack, all Bay Area locations]

As I look at my images, I can’t help but wish that I had nothing else to do but photograph during this event, because I would have had more time to stage everything in a more deliberate way, and it would have been more inclusive.

[Above image: Asena Restaurant & Catering, Alameda]

Being the event trouble shooter, however, meant that I had to shoot and run. This does give a quick snapshot of those who were dedicated to Dark & Delicious 2009’s success, but I was torn away before I got to the appetizer area (Fiscalini Cheese, Marin French Cheese Company, Fabrique Delices, Marcel et Henri Charcuterie) and I missed Bert’s Desserts… one of my favorites!

[Above image: Patrick David, Livermore]

Still, you get the point… It’s about the people who continue to return to enjoy Petite Sirah with the foods that professionals best like to present with Petite.

[Above image: Lev Delany Catering, San Francisco]

[Above image: Aidell’s Sausage, San Leandro]

[Above image: Savvy Wine Food, Napa]

[Above image: Bistro Jeanty, Napa]

[Above image: Tomatina Restaurant, Alameda]

[Above image: Angela’s Restaurant, Alameda]

[Above image: Z. Cioccolato, Napa]

[Above image: The Hobnob, Alameda]

[Above image: 9Catering Services, San Jose]

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a crew to run an event. D&D had a seamless team and another great success story to savor until D&D 2010.

3 Responses to “The “Delicious” in Dark & Delicious ~ 2009”

  1. Steve Howe says:

    Looks like a great event! Is this an annual affair?

  2. Jo says:


    This was our third annual.

    The first one was held at Rosenblum Cellars. It was a bit cramped – a sell out.

    The next year we were supposed to be at Concannon Vineyard’s newly renovated winery, but it wasn’t ready yet, so we had it at the Palace of Fine Arts. Again a bit cramped – a sell out.

    This year, Kent Rosenblum suggested his new wine company location, Rock Wall Wine Company. This one was far from cramped – a sell out.

    This event’s allure for many – who tell us each year – is to not grow it to a 10,000 person tasting. I feel as they do. I much prefer a smaller group of really curious and interested consumers, which is what we draw.

    Susan Foppiano-Valera (Foppiano Vineyards) just told me that she has three favorite annual events to pour at, and D&D is one of them. Tom Merle, an industry colleague, just commented on Open Wine Consortium, “What a splendid evening!! The Dias Team performed superbly. Each year gets better and better. All the other marketing association tastings, which have many appealing features to be sure, have to take a back seat to D&D….”

    While humbled by Tom’s kind words, I hear the same from my wineries after each event that they all felt it was a tremendous success. The food vendors have also said this is one of their favorites… Including Skip Lott of Montabella Sausage Company.

    Next year (and all subsequent years) I’d like to take this back to Rock Wall, and keep the numbers about the same. Since this was our first year there, there was a lot to learn. Now – taking those lessons into consideration -next year will be even more fabulous than this year.

    This event is a memorable experience for those who attend. I had someone say to me, as we looked around the room, “Look, there’s nothing but smiling faces!”

  3. Ahh, great wine and good food with lots of smiling faces. No wonder it was a sell out. Who could resist?

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