[Above image: Mona’s Table, Alameda]

Petite Sirah on it’s own is “big, black, bold, and beautiful,” according to PS I Love You member John Monnich of Silkwood Wines. I couldn’t agree more.

[Above image: Venga Paella Catering, Oakland]

If you were to enjoy tasting 37 different Petites on their own, as those that were offered at the 2009 Dark & Delicious event last Friday, Petite’s tannins would rip the enamel right off your teeth. (Thank God there’s now Wine Wipes to help with that untidy circumstance.)

[Above image: Montibella Sausage, Orinda]

Knowing and understanding that, when we first decided to have a consumer event that would be based around the variety, we knew that food needed to be part of the experience, so Dark (Petite) & Delicious (food) was born.

[Above image: Kate Meade from Yoshi’s, Oakland]

Yesterday, I uploaded many images of the Petite producers. Today, I’m uploading the restaurants and caterers.

[Above image: Mary’s Pizza Shack, all Bay Area locations]

As I look at my images, I can’t help but wish that I had nothing else to do but photograph during this event, because I would have had more time to stage everything in a more deliberate way, and it would have been more inclusive.

[Above image: Asena Restaurant & Catering, Alameda]

Being the event trouble shooter, however, meant that I had to shoot and run. This does give a quick snapshot of those who were dedicated to Dark & Delicious 2009’s success, but I was torn away before I got to the appetizer area (Fiscalini Cheese, Marin French Cheese Company, Fabrique Delices, Marcel et Henri Charcuterie) and I missed Bert’s Desserts… one of my favorites!

[Above image: Patrick David, Livermore]

Still, you get the point… It’s about the people who continue to return to enjoy Petite Sirah with the foods that professionals best like to present with Petite.

[Above image: Lev Delany Catering, San Francisco]

[Above image: Aidell’s Sausage, San Leandro]

[Above image: Savvy Wine Food, Napa]

[Above image: Bistro Jeanty, Napa]

[Above image: Tomatina Restaurant, Alameda]

[Above image: Angela’s Restaurant, Alameda]

[Above image: Z. Cioccolato, Napa]

[Above image: The Hobnob, Alameda]

[Above image: 9Catering Services, San Jose]

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a crew to run an event. D&D had a seamless team and another great success story to savor until D&D 2010.