Happy President’s Day from Wine Country ~ Babies Know

While things slow down in most businesses because it’s a national holiday, wine country becomes pretty active with tourists who are enjoying the day off in our neighborhoods.

I just feel like taking a slow day with Wine-Blog today, and let these two images below say the thousand words that I’m only thinking, not writing.

I was recently sent an email that was entitled, Babies know.

When I received it I thought, “How perfect for Presidents Day.”

BTW: I’ll be toasting my day with a J Sparkling. The winery’s a five minute car ride from my house, and we have lots to celebrate: from great clients, my Dark & Delicious event this coming Friday evening in Alameda at Rock Wall Wine Company, the wonderful new social networks beginning to get onto more solid footing, and a president that uses all of his God-given talents to be logical, reasonable, and especially diplomatic. [If I didn’t like diplomacy, I’d be in another business, honestly.]

It’s a great President’s Day! The next sound you hear will be a J cork popping!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did, when I got the Email. We’ve come a long way, Baby, in a few short weeks!

2 Responses to “Happy President’s Day from Wine Country ~ Babies Know”

  1. morewines says:

    Great choice on sparkling wine. I had J to celebrate the New Year.

    Stark differences in the photos. 😀

  2. Jo says:

    You said: Stark differences in the photos

    To which I say: Uha!

    There was an entire series of about 12 images of Barack that came through in that email… Each one was filled with warmth and caring. All the others had President Obama’s eyes wide open and loving looks back and forth between the children and him. This one was just so touching, warm, and comforting. He’s someone with whom I’d trust the country’s children.

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