United States Supreme Court
Image by NCinDC via Flickr

First, the Healds (Ray and Eleanor) went head-to-head with their Michigan state government, telling it that interstate shipping laws (or lack thereof) were totally illegal and changes needed to happen. That case went to the US Supreme Court, and won its battle.

Granholm v. Heald

Deep inside of me, I thought, “I wonder what it will take to have consumers finally band together, because – really – consumers vote so their interests will be taken into account.”

For the last 75 years, since the repeal of prohibition, that’s not really been the case, though. Wholesalers have had years and years of “having it (everything) their way.”

Recently, while on the Open Wine Consortium home page, I noticed, “Melissa A. Dobson started a discussion called ‘Watch here and on the IWCC site for more details’ In Support of Illinois Wine Consumer Coalition.”

I clicked through and found the most amazing Web site. People have finally banded together, and will make changes happen, because – like Obama’s election – the use of Internet connectivity is the future way for powerful changes.

I’d hate to be a Washington lobbyist at this time, without a backup career in the offing. It will take some time, but I don’t think that it will take forever, anymore.

Check this out! Illinois Wine Consumers

The home page states: “You have been stripped of your right to access thousands of fine wines. You had no voice to express your desire to retain this long held right to out-of-state wine shipments from retailers. The IWCC has been formed solely to put the wine consumer first and to help restore your access to the wines you want! Join the IWCC and help put the wine consumer first.”

This is your prototype, ladies and gentlemen. Get busy!