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Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All ~ This is a Wine Glass?

Designer: Kyouei Design

Okay, who’s going to want to drink form this one?

And… why in the world would anyone seen the need to have designed this?

Honestly, it reminds me of a cat’s feeding station for when we go away for a couple of days… But then, it’s not meant for sipping from either, is it?

Total novelty item is all I can think.

What ever happened to KISS (Keep it simple, Silly)?

Believe it or not, wine doesn’t spill out from this contraption.

The pictures to the right is supposed to demonstrates that it doesn’t spill due to the equivalent atmospheric pressure inside the left spherical vessel and the glass on the right.

Still, whatever it brings to the table, I’m opting for a more traditional vessel. I’m a simple kinda gal, and prefer to keep it that way for 2010, at least.

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