UPDATE: August 16, 2014… “It’s not he who comes on strongest, it’s he who lasts longest.”  I’ve just removed the link for Vinikitas, because it no longer is working. Nikitas has left that building… Now: Senior Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications ~ RetailNext.


Where would I be today if it weren’t for my three wine industry mentors, Lavonne Homes, then Katrina Walker Commesso, and finally Corinne Reichel… All at Belvedere Winery?

Probably still on my knees cleaning more toilet bowls for Merry Maids… Yes, I did that so that I wouldn’t have to bother any company with their hiring me to “teach me” their culture, and then have me leave abruptly.  I was already good with a scrub brush, and leaving wasn’t going to devastate that company as soon as my big break finally came when it did.

While at Belvedere, each woman named allowed me to progress to the next step necessary, growing not only within that company, but also broadly growing within the industry. I wouldn’t have made it without them.

I just became aware that it’s my turn to mentor someone who reached out to me…Nikitas Magel of Vinikitas.

From the Email that he sent, I was able to learn a lot, and it was all really great. His writing style is exceptional, his skills for creating a Web presence are substantive, and his interpersonal relational skills are highly developed.

We were both at the Wine Bloggers Conference. In Emails back-and-forth, we realized that we both struck a low profile as anonymous observers, rather than vociferous contributors. A similar work/study ethic attracted me to his site just as a curiosity, and I was drawn in like a month to a flame. Living and loving my own Webmaster, I know a lot more about the World Wide Web than the average observer, because Web talk in this house is constant. Nikitas’s skills are well above average.

To see his Web presence, told me that I want to give him more exposure as he continues to find his place within this wine industry.

His really strong point is his ability to interview. It’s also coincidental that one of his recent interviews is with Charles Creek Vineyards, a company that I helped launch a few years ago, and a company that my husband/partner still helps with Internet marketing.

Tomorrow will be Nikitas first contribution to wine-blog. His story is informationally very in depth, really well written, and a welcome addition to this blog site.