Turkey Day & Thanksgiving

Thoughts on this day…

I’m thankful for the World Wide Web. It’s made our lives so immediate; and if one writes, it’s instantaneous publishing.

I’m thankful for my visit to Wente Vineyards for a delightful lunch there this past September, when I was able to shoot this image. These wild turkeys were parading through their vineyards, pre-Turkey Day. One can only wonder if they’re still parading.

I’m thankful to Steve Heimoff. I was so concerned that these birds were leaving a row of vines, as I was feverishly trying to get my camera out of my bag so I could capture the parade, and Steve simply reminded me that I only had to move up a few rows to capture them… They had many, many rows before them in their journey, and I simply needed to think clearly.

And, I’m thankful for the photographer who shot this classic Turkey picture! I’ll leave it to your imagination who the real turkey is… Reuters is where the copy right is stored for this shot, and it’s been uploaded to the Internet. I wish I had shot this one; but, alas, someone else had all the fun!

But, mostly I’m thankful that even though I’m journaling my own thoughts on this blog just to get the words out of my head (I sleep better at night as a result), there are those out there in cyberspace, like you right now, who have an interest in what I’m writing.

Happy Thaksgiving!

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