As a wine publicist, I get to write and edit information about and for our wine clients. It’s not everyday that I fall upon someone who exhibits such multidimensional talents as Jeff Miller. As I left my Portland, Maine, Rotary Club to move to California, I was given a tribute by John Tewhey. He said,  “She’s a writer, thinker, speaker, doer.” I’ve held those words in my heart since, and am able to occasionally apply them to others. Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines is one of those people.

He’s humbled when we talk about his former profession as a lawyer. Perhaps he takes the negative thinking that some have about those of this profession to heart, and is very sensitive, if not down-right apologetic. As anyone who’s ever needed a lawyer can tell you, thank God they exist and they’re there when you need them.

Once Jeff Miller’s vines began to bear fruit, he then looked toward winemaking. It’s the same digging deeper and stick-with-it-ness that creates a lawyer that also create a great winemaker… That desire to win and rise victoriously with each new vintage, sometimes even having to battle Mother Nature herself, makes for a pretty fastidious winemaker.

As I’ve edited Jeff’s journals before they’re published, it occurred to me that his writings are so descriptive and educational that they’re worth sharing with a fairly large audience. This blog’s picked up some steam since it launched in December 2005; so, I asked Jeff if he’d mind allowing for the sharing of his information.

It appears that the readers of this blog have academic interests, versus wanting to jump into debatable dialogues. Jeff’s writings are about aspects of the business I’ve never personally experienced, and can’t  write about, because I haven’t walked in his shoes. They not only go to really interesting places, but he’s also able to articulate the details in a captivating way.

He’ll contribute greater insights into how the wine business works from someone doing it, versus observing it, as I do. His contributions are really going to round out what Juicy Tales is all about… The World of Wine.

I trust you’re going to enjoy Jeff Miller’s writing. His wine brands fall under the umbrella of Artisan Family of Wines (Sly Dog Cellars, Red Côte Rosé, and 7 Artisans). Jeff will be a once a week contributor for as long as he enjoys submitting his stories about growing grapes and making wine. Tomorrow will be his launch date, November 25, 2008