Katie Kelley, a staff member of Juicy Tales pointed me to this story: Classy canines: Vick dogs featured on wine labels

Katie knows my soft spot for animals… I’m both a cat and dog lover, which seems a bit schizophrenic for loyalties, but whatever…. I’ve got fish, too. I won’t cage birds, though. I was fighting for whales in the 70s. “Bleeding heart liberal” some call it; better than “dog fighting proponent,” I’m thinking.

So, off to this story…

The pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation (shame on him) are being given the spotlight as stars of a line of artisan wines.

The Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection features colorful portraits of 22 dogs that were confiscated from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. They’re  now living at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah. Each bottle includes a portrait of one of the dogs on the label. On the back, instead of a description of the wine, there’s a brief story about each dog that was rescued.

From an Associated Press story featured on MSN: “As a signature collection, it’s through the roof,” said Matt Hahn, co-owner of Carivintas Winery, a Southern California company that combines wine selling and philanthropy. Ten percent of each sale goes to Best Friends… “The money will be used to oppose dog fighting around the country and to fight laws that target specific dog breeds, John Polis said, a Best Friends spokesman.”

How to purchase? Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection