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Enjoying Wine 101 ~ Leave the perfume at home

There is a gift I would like to pass on to all wine consumers, wine bloggers, and (a very few) wine professionals, who have yet to figure this one out. I was reminded of it at the Wine Blogger Conference. It’s something that becomes an internalized principle for those of us in the business, but something that most new-to-wine people have to eventually learn in their initial process.

I was taught this by someone more seasoned than I at the time, so please – don’t take this info personally… We all have to learn this one, eventually, so just take it as it’s intended… as a gift. It will not only enhance your experience, but it will also enhance the experience for everyone else around you, too, as you all enjoy wine.

Leave the perfume at home.

There is nothing more distracting; and, for anyone as hypersensitive as I am, it’s even nauseating.

Once you’ve dropped all perfumed products in lieu of those that are fragrance-free, the entire experience is more pure and enjoyable for picking up lots of nuances in the wine your swirling, sniffing, and tasting.

Any outside aromas only add an extra layer when tasting wine, and have the potential to even throw off the palates of those close to you.

This isn’t known until someone else points it out. As I said, someone gently told me. Many, many years later, I have become so sensitive to perfumes, that I can’t handle being any where near someone who’s added an extra layer of scent to his or her body. I was reminded of this at check-in at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and made a mental note, because it’s something worth sharing… most especially for those who would like to become wine professionals.

Pros don’t wear fragrances… They just disrupt all the nuances of aroma that wine has to offer, and when you’ve bathed in it, you’ve given yourself away; i.e., that no-one’s shared with you, yet. And, that’s okay… Now you know and pass this along to someone less seasoned.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up Jo. I recently went to a large wine event where many of the attendees were wearing heavy cologne. I think we need reminders every once in a while 🙂 Don’t you think it would be advantageous if events informed everyone of this simple rule when they purchased their tickets?

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