Enoteca Della Santina ~ NEXT DOOR

Following a perfect marketing model, Ron Kantor went against the grain, and has created his own perfect world at Enoteca Della Santina, with a partner, Robert Della Santina. Robert is the restaurateur and proprietor of the legendary Tratoria Della Santina, located in the heart of Sonoma,  just off the historic square at 127 E. Napa Street, and conveniently located next door to this new wine shop.

Who would think that in the town of Sonoma, one could open a wine shop, and cater to “other than Sonoma Valley” wines successfully? Ron did, and he’s got a perfect situation amid the Sonoma flood of labels.

How could this work so perfectly? Would visitors to wine country be really interested in wines from Italy? There’s already other wine retail shops in this area, so how would another one fare? There are also plenty of tasting rooms on the square, so what was Ron even thinking?

Location, location, location.

Location 1 ~ Wine country already has a built in curious audience. (Located off Sonoma’s historic square, Enoteca Della Santina is a wine bar and retail wine shop specializing in wines from all over the world. Enoteca translated literally in Italian is “wine library” – a place for people to enjoy wine in Old World ambiance. Besides wines from around the world, they also offer plates of Italian cheese and meat, and Italian pastries made at the restaurant next door.)

Location 2 ~ Enoteca is open after all the area tasting rooms close, as visitors are segueing from wine tasting to dinner. (Monday-Tuesday, 11:00AM – 10:00PM: Wednesday Closed: Thursday-Saturday 11:00AM – 11:00PM: Sunday Noon – 10:00PM)

Location 3 ~ The surrounding area has been catering to Sonoma Valley wines, almost to the exclusion of other wines; so, imagine that you’re a local winemaker thirsting for more than Sonoma Valley wines. (Enotica serves 30 wines by the glass – sparkling, red and white – as well as a selection of ports, dessert wines, imported beers, and espresso. Every couple of weeks they rotate their wine menu to offer consumers the opportunity to try different varieties such as Carménère from Chile, Pinot Grigio from Italy, or Pinot Noir from New Zealand.)

In fact, this is such a great location, that it was used in the filming of “Bottle Shock,” the first of two movies about the 1976 Judgment of Paris… So, as you’re watching the movie, now you know the actual location… Ron was about to open his shop when along came the shooting opportunity. The inside of Enoteca was a bit transformed from what it has become, but the staging of it remains in Ron’s office as a wine storage unit.

PLACE: Another major ingredient in the for Marketing P’s (product, place, promotion, and price) is place. It helps that Ron’s partner Robert has been located at this location for the last 16 years, with his own superior PRODUCT… This Italian restaurant. Clientele of the restaurant are able to hang out in the wine bar prior to being seated at the restaurant whenever there’s a wait. It’s a perfect union of style and functionality, besides being a delightful culinary food and wine experience.

PROMOTION: Through promotion of their superior products, Robert has been able to promote himself and the restaurant, so Ron’s shop was able to segue into an existing clientele.

This all spells success, and Ron’s on his way from being a wine sales manager for wine companies, to proprietor of an eclectic wine shop that also has a few retail wine related, specialty gifts that include Alessi Artisan Kitchenware and Italian oils and vinegars.

It also helps that he’s one of the dearest people in the wine business, and so deserves the success he’s enjoying.

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    Thanks for the info. WooHoo, a local source for Italian wine. Road Trip!!

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