Abraham Lincoln Freed The Slaves, Barack Obama is Freeing a Nation

Perhaps even freeing the world…

And, both men with Illinois roots!

So, here I am, celebrating with 2007 Vin d’Alsace Helfrich Riesling. It’s dry, floral, crisp, and a fresh new wine… Resembling a nation that also is fresh and new.

Both men lawyers. Lincoln was a Republican. Obama is a Democrat.

Free at last, Thank God Almighty, free at last. Full circle.

Let the “New Camelot” begin!

2 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln Freed The Slaves, Barack Obama is Freeing a Nation”

  1. A new dawn, a new day, a new era indeed! Well spoken, and Riesling is a great choice for the celebration, of course.

  2. Jo says:


    Of course, I’m continuing with a 2007 Shady Lane Dry Riesling this evening… We’ve got to keep this crisp, new, and refreshing change continuing.

    Last night, it was with an Alsace Riesling, because of the global implications.

    Tonight’s wine will be a domestic Riesling from Michigan, because of the national implications.

    Eventually, I’ll find a California brand to try, too, in order to also have a regional moment.

    I’m just needing the refreshing moments, as I noted!

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