How many times, in how many ways, to how many people, can I write,

“Please change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and then say, ‘Yes!’ to Petite Sirah.”

It’s driving me crazy… Just driving me crazy.

I search for Petite Syrah – Yes with the “y” – on the Internet, just to see who’s getting it wrong… Yes, wrong.

At first, it was easy. I was educating wine writers, who – for the most part – already understood that it’s an “i” word… Petite Sirah. Then, it seemed to go very quiet for quite a while, because just about everyone got it. (It’s a BTT ruling, b-t-w.)

Making matters worse are the brands who have always used the “y” to honor the parent grape, Syrah… Then along comes a whole bunch of newbie bloggers, who are all writing about Petite Sirah, and using the “y,” thinking they’ve got it right.

The challenge is insurmountable, so you guys are all just going to have to look like you don’t really know what you’re doing to those of us who DO know what you’re doing, for a while, while it all shakes out.

I can’t keep up with you all, and I’m giving up. Yup!

Time will finally auto correct you all. It’s not my cross to bear anymore… And, yes, PS I Love You – still.

It’s Petite Sirah, unless it’s on the label as Petite Syrah… And I can count those “grandfathered in guys” on my right hand, while there are hundreds and hundreds of labels with the “i,” as all will be from now on, according to government laws. If you just write Petite Sirah with an “i” odds are very good that you’re looking like you’re really well informed.