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PR Advice: No Communication is a HUGE Communication

Being in the communications business, I learned a long time ago that it’s hard for anyone to hide behind the curtain of not communicating, once a request for more information has been sent to anyone. When I don’t have an immediate answer, I know that all is usually not well.

My best communicators just keep the flow going, and we’re in a healthy open-communication relationship.

No communication, is a big answer…

The psychology of quiet physiology is that when someone doesn’t want to say something because it’s too difficult, painful, or wouldn’t be the true answer, those people might even experience eventual laryngitis. This was discussed at great length in my Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships class in “Non Verbal Communications ~ Messages Without Words.”

Understanding the body language of vocal cord paralysis allows us all to proceed accordingly. [Of course, there are a lot of viral reasons for vocal cord paralysis; the psychology of it argues that the physiology may begin with unconscious psychological factors.]

As simple as “no communication” sounds, it’s actually very complex; and not to be taken lightly, as evidenced by the No-communication theorem: “In quantum information theory, a no-communication theorem is a result which gives conditions under which instantaneous transfer of information between two observers is impossible. These results can be applied to understand the so-called paradoxes in quantum mechanics such as the EPR paradox or violations of local realism obtained in tests of Bell’s theorem. In these experiments, the no-communication theorem shows that failure of local realism does not lead to what could be referred to as “spooky communication at a distance” (in analogy with Einstein’s labeling of quantum entanglement as ‘spooky action at a distance’).”

The next time you don’t get an answer, you now know that you have the beginnings of that answer.

Crafting your next message should take a lot of thought and eventual action. It has to be a communication that’s been well thought out for what you want the end result to be. It’s challenging, but there’s no growth without challenge.

2 Responses to “PR Advice: No Communication is a HUGE Communication”

  1. amy atwood says:

    Great points. My brother taught me a valuable lesson a long time ago: Always communicate. Even if you don’t have the answer that your client wants, pick up the phone and tell them why.
    I just had to end a business relationship today because the person could not communicate adequately.

  2. admin says:

    Amy, This is also a good point… That e have to try to keep the communications going, even during the difficult times…. Actually, most especially during the difficult times. Words have to be carefully crafted, but they must come. I had a great boss years ago that taught me – when I was agitated – to sleep on the problem. Then, the next I could discusss it without emotion and just moved on. I try not to let things go too long, and I try to move on with people whose communications skills aren’t “adequate.” (Great articulation for the problem.)

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