American Made ~ American Paid

“American Made ~ American Paid…” That’s been written on this blog before, and it will probably be written here again. (It’s my own private rant… Yes, I have an occasional one.)

As I watch our economy continue to completely crumble before my very eyes, I’m reminded of this chant that popped into my head a couple of years ago, and it just won’t go away: American Made ~ American Paid (or, Made in America, Paid in America… I don’t care how you slice it).

This past weekend, while shopping at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a container of beef, and I read, “Product of Australia.”

Are you kidding me? The Australians can raise beef, process all of what has to happen before it gets into my hands in a supermarket, including paying for jet fuel to get it over here.

I can’t help but wonder… How big do those seat belts have to be anyway to get it here?

All at competitive pricing?

What about all the people on cattle ranches in the US?

Because this is a wine blog, let me bring it all back home.

American wine purchases are looking pretty good right now for keeping the economy at home. I don’t know if a simple act done by me with American wine purchases for my household will have any significant effect, but I’m off and running…

Food (liquid, as in wine) for thought… Don’t cha love the cow?

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  1. I’m also trying to “buy American” with my purchases. I think that you are absolutely making a difference, especially since you blogged about your decision. I think that the first step is making people think about checking the labels of the products they’re buying to make better decisions.

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