Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes City Winery.

Honestly, nothing could be more aptly named as City Winery, New York’s first private label wine company and the first significant urban winery on the East Coast.

More honestly (if there’s such a thing… honesty’s honesty, after all) if New York City was my place of residence right now, this would be where I’d want to be living…

City Winery has the capacity to make approximately 300 barrels, or 15,000 gallons of wine, in their first year. They’re sourcing out grapes from painstakingly selected vineyards in California, Oregon, Washington, and New York State.

They’re blending a wine bar, live music, and an event space with a fully operational winery… right in the City.

Their first harvest has just begun, and if you’re living and loving in New York, you can visit their Website to learn more about barrel membership opportunities.

Harvest is a wonderful time of the year… Whoda thunk it, that people in New York City could be part of the winegrape harvesting process without leaving the comfort of their urban environment’s vibrancy?

City Winery has state-of-the-art stainless steel fermenting equipment, crusher, destemmer, sorting tables, bottlers, and all the equipment necessary to make really great wine. All they’re missing is you!

They have the capacity for 200 barrels, which will be made by their customers as part of a barrel ownership, winemaking school program. The balance of the wine will be made into their house wine.

According to their Email to me, “The barrel program is going great, we have already sold a third of our barrels, to people who share a deep appreciation for wine and an understanding that experience City Winery offers