Today’s blog is simply what Wine Business’s Daily site refers to with this blog, “Wine industry publicist Jo Diaz’s musings.”

Today, I’m just musing, or amusing, myself as we head toward the Vice Presidents’ campaign debate. During the day, my business is wine. During the twilight hours, my business is keeping up with current events; and, during dinner, I enjoy my much earned glass of wine.

While the debate draws near, I’m already thinking about which wine I’m going to be having while watching this debate.

I don’t want to get the acid reflux going, so I’ll be raising a glass of something Palin’ by comparison to Petite Sarah, let’s say. It’s gonna have to be a Pinot Noir.

So far I’ve been treating this blog the way we treat any good business relationship, avoiding religion and politics. But common… I can’t imagine there are too many Republicans reading anything I write, and I’m not even a Democrat. I’m with Lou Dobbs and Gandalf… Straight down the middle, baby. I don’t think I’m going to be offending anyone with this one, but you never know.

So, who hasn’t been loving Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonations on Saturday Night Live?

If (God forbid) that McCain and Palin win the election, Tina Fey’s going to be the best paid actress on television… in history. Right now, David Letterman’s got the best feature going, “Great Moments in Presidential History.” Dave’s done more to bring the proper light upon the image of George Bush than anyone else in my world, and now Tina Fey.

I know – without any wine, even – I’ve totally enjoyed Katie Couric’s expressions during Sarah Palin’s “Great Moments in Incumbent Vice Presidential Candidate Circumlocution.”

But I’m with my husband, as we head toward this great debate… He’s been long waiting to hear those famous words that popped up in a much earlier VP debate… He’s waiting for Joe Biden to turn to Sarah – in the debate – and say, “I know Hilary Clinton, and you’re no Hilary Clinton.”

So, what wine are you going to be enjoying this coming Thursday?