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What do Wine Country Types Do on the Weekends? Head for the Coast…

The Pacific Coast is very dramatic. It’s a far cry from my Atlantic roots, where waves quietly lap sandy shores on the best of days, and maybe have three to four foot waves on the worst of days.

In this Sonoma County region, fog is as much a part of the landscape as are the natural wood clapboard structures on the cliffs.

These images were taken at Sea Ranch two weeks ago, although they were not taken on the weekend because it was our Diaz Communications company retreat from Wednesday through Friday. That said, many visitors head to Sea Ranch for awesome weekend fun and relaxation, so it’s enjoyable to share if you have any wonderings about what it would be like to visit Sea Ranch in Sonoma County.

Perhaps, with images like this of the Sea Ranch Chapel, residents of the other 49 states have come to associate free-spirited California as being where the granolas live (fruits and nuts). I, on the other hand, with solid Yankee roots, see this as a building of inspiration for my own freewill.

California is the land of opportunity, and places like Sonoma and Mendocino inspire the artist in all of us. The above home is part of the neighborhood where we stayed.

Deer are almost domestic in this area. These deer grazed freely in our yard and the yard of neighbors. With no predators, they comfortably wander.

We were in a region that leads to Shell Beach. The above image becomes self explanatory for why this beach is so named. I collect sea shells left behind by creatures who have moved on. Needless to say, I went nuts in my down time.

4 Responses to “What do Wine Country Types Do on the Weekends? Head for the Coast…”

  1. Tim says:

    Love the post- love the coast – but I am bound by cartographic duty and professional obligation to cry foul! Sea Ranch is in Sonoma County. Yup- we have over 50 miles of the coast here, and the Sea Ranch is part of ours. Mendo’s coast, by the way, is awesome, too. Thanks for writing about us.

  2. admin says:


    Right you are… I was out of my mind with saying that Sea Ranch is in Mendocino!

    It’s close, but as you pointed out… No cigar.

    I’ve edited it in the entry (so it doesn’t quite read the same way).

    I don’t want anyone else to read this and end up in Mendocino thinking, “It’s just got to be here somewhere!”

    Thanks. I stand corrected. — jo

  3. Douglas Veien says:

    I feel as if this is not California, like it is a totally different state! I’m not used to seeing California like this, but it looks like a great place to visit.

    I would love to take my mom here sometime. She would love it! Until then though, I will show her my appreciation through a Mothers Day Gift Basket.

  4. Jo Diaz says:

    Douglas, most people don’t see California this way. I’m happy that you picked up on this fact. This is why I’m allowing your comment through, even though it’s a cleverly disguised advertisement… 😉

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