Concannon Vineyard Blesses Their 125th “Continuous” Harvest

The operative work here is “Continuous”.

How many wineries made it “legally” through Prohibition?

Just seven, People… That’s it…

  1. Beringer Brothers, Napa Valley (1876 to present)
  2. Christian Brothers, Napa Valley (1882 to 1989)
  3. Concannon Vineyard, Livermore Valley (1883 to present)
  4. Sacred Heart Novitiate Winery, Los Gatos, CA (1888 to 1986)
  5. St. Stanislaus Novitiate, St. Louis, Missouri (1898)
  6. Beaulieu Vineyards, Napa Valley (1900 to present)
  7. San Antonio Winery, Los Angeles, CA (1917 to present)

There they are, and this is why I’m headed to Livermore today to witness this historic moment.

And the First for their New Estate Winery

A time like this only happens once every 125 years.

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