When I began working in the wine business, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the vast majority of people buying wine were doing so to enjoy it, and within a short drive’s distance.

I’ve managed to collect a few bottles of wine, but it’s never been my intent to collect; although, wine’s value seems to increase at a rate that’s quicker than gold or real estate, so I might want to rethink my position.

“I don’t have a temperature controlled room for storage, so why bother,” has been my thinking. But, even in that climate of “get it, enjoy it,” wine – because of the nature of this business – I’ve still managed to accumulate a small collection of a few hundred really special bottles.

Once, Sean Thackery sent two 2000 Sean Thackery Sirius to me, just out of the blue. Or, so I thought… I asked myself, “What’s this for?” I called him, I emailed him. “Sean, there’s been some sort of mistake. I don’t know why you sent these two bottles to me.” He said, “Just keep them.” I had the PS I Love You group started, and he wanted me to know that he existed, I think. He never said, just – “Enjoy the wine.”

Sean also later told me that he calls his Petite Sirius, because he’s serious about Petite. The names of Sean Thackery’s wines are the names of constellations, because they’re all out of this world… Literally and figuratively. Sean’s one of the most eclectic people in our world, not just as a winemaker, but as a human tapestry. It’s all just so right.

My husband, who had a more global understanding of wine at the time that Sean’s wine arrived, tipped me off to how “God had just come down to the mountain.”

I researched, we enjoyed one… big Yum… Then sent the second 2000 Sirius to my grandson, who was born that year. I’m okay with it if he doesn’t want to wait until his 21st birthday, as long as we enjoy the bottle of wine together. This wine is worth saving, regardless of not-so-perfect conditions.

This is what it takes in order for me to want to save a bottle of wine.

Delia Viader just sent one of her (2003) Napa Cabs to me that I never want to open… With another grandson who was born in 2002 (close enough to the vintage), I think I know who will be helping me with this one and when it will happen… Sometime between 2020 and 2024.

When I want my daily glass, it’s not an age worthy wine. It’s one that aged from Raley’s to home… in the back seat of my car.

What’s your favorite bottle of wine, and why are you saving it?

I’m betting that you have a great story to share.