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Wine Blog Staff Members

Jo Diaz, wine publicist and writer: It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to manage a wine blog. Since there are a few of us who are writing and managing this wine blog, I thought a page that focuses on who we all are was in order; so, here’s the cast of characters. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to be allowed to “play” on my grandmother’s typewriter… which I still have. I’ve also been photographing since my grandfather gave my first Brownie camera to me, at the age of 10… which I also still have. I’ve had a few careers in my process, each leading to where I am now and where I’d like to stay… Writing other people’s stories, and telling a few of my own along the way. I now know that I grew up to be a storyteller.

Katie Kelley, Shopping Like it’s $19.99: Every writer needs a writer to edit what s/he puts out into the public eye. Katie Kelley is my first born daughter, who has great writing skills as a technical writer, besides having her own artistic flare. And, as a stay-at-home mom, I knew her schedule had a bit of free time to eye-ball all that I was writing. She became my most likely candidate for adding a critical eye to what I was producing, once I realized I really needed an editor. Not everyone enjoys having someone tell him/her that there’s an error in his/her work, but when you write professionally only a fool would not welcome corrections. It’s also rewarding to share my livelihood with one of my own. There’s a sense of great joy in a family business. I have a very open family, and tend to divey off the job load to the one who has the most developed core competency for any specific task, and I allow for changes and growth, because it’s part of the process. It is what it is.

Melanie Hoffman, Melanie’s Wednesday Wines: Melanie’s my middle daughter. She’s typical for being the most phlegmatic and artistic. She’s also a great business partner, because she’ll take on any task that’s asked of her, and tries her darnedest to accomplish whatever I throw at her. I’m no fool… I want my kids to succeed long after I’m gone, so it’s their palates that need to be tasting and discussing wine now. I’ve established myself within the wine community; it’s their turn to develop their own cache, and this wine blog’s a great forum for doing just that. Wine is part of who we are, and they’re part of what we do. Melanie plays a big role in Diaz Communications, being part of my support unit as of 1994 at Belvedere Winery, her first wine company job in their marketing department. Melanie has a wonderful palate; but more importantly, she got great descriptors for what she’s tasted. We use her for working with winemakers to describe how their wines taste; and, the winemakers love her talent, because its not always easy for them to have a selfless view for the flavors of their wines. (It would be like asking Claude Monet to describe “Water Lilies” after he had painted it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, expressing is on the palate of the taster.)

Hasan Aziz, Webmaster: Hasan’s been with our company since he was a college student, putting himself through college by working every job he could get his hands on. When he took on working with us, we thought that he’d be able to consolidate his working schedule, and perhaps not have to work so hard with such long hours. Instead, he took on working with Diaz Communications, and kept up all the other jobs as well: working in the college’s library, and working with kids in after school programs. Every time a hacker destroys my blog by adding their crap, Hasan finds it, and rebuilds this blog. The look and style – besides being from WordPress – is a Hasan work project. He’s behind the scenes for you all, but he’s very “present” each day for me when and if I need his help.

Jose Diaz, Webmaster: Without Jose Diaz, there would be no Jo Diaz. Jose, a computer engineer, changed my life the day he walked into it. Since his passion is all things electronic – including being on the radio for 25 years, both as a disc jockey and as a program director, computers are a natural. Today, we realize when he installed the first CD jukeboxes for the broadcast corporation he was working for at the time, that changes in radio became revolutionary. No longer could a disk jockey simply play Electric Light Orchestra simply because the inspiration struck. Now, all was going to be programmed forever and ever, amen. This was also when his career in radio needed to segue into something; and, since he watched my career in the wine business begin to not only deliver a great livelihood, but it also was pretty fascinating, he came into the wine business, becoming my strong support system. Just as my grandparents gave me the tools for my future, so had Jose. He gave me first computer, and any instructions I’ve needed along the way. It’s because of Jose’s passions that I’ve been able to develop my own. And, who wouldn’t love living with their own IT guy, who’s willing to solve problems regardless of time of day, Sundays and holidays included?

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Jo, what a great way to recognize the contributions of everyone at your company. You must be very proud of them all!

  2. admin says:

    Hi, Steve,

    I’m so pleased with the contributions of each team member, that I took time to write about those who support all my efforts. I even thought that it was a bit hoakie, but then I reconsidered and posted, because each person is so important to anything I do… daily.

    My graphic artist Lyla Aziz isn’t in this posting, because she doesn’t work on my blog with me, but is equally important to the team and all we do, which means any success I might appear to have.

    It takes a village to raise a blogger, as we all know!

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