Last year – toward the end of the year – I had my camera with me while shopping in my local Raley’s Supermarket and I snapped these shots.

The innovation just caught my eye, and continues to keep me entertained. Wine is now past just being in bottles. It’s in plastic – within a box. It’s packaged in a box for shape purposes, and fits really well on a refrigerator shelf with a very convenient spigot. Juice (fermented) boxes, small bottles have been around for a while, but Champagne?

Small bottles work, because I’ve long said, “Today’s wine cellar is the back seat of someone’s car.” Why put wine for one person, who might take one or two days to enjoy the wine in a large bottle, because oxidation begins as soon as it’s opened, and three or four days later, it’s a completely different wine.

I also know that small bottles are very expensive to produce for any winery, so without a big sale commitment (like a hotel or an airline), they’re probably not going to be produced, so don’t hold your breath for a major production swing on these.

Just take a walk through any supermarket wine aisle, and you’ll find packaging that’s going every which way. It’s a blast… I’m not sure about all the wine’s integrity, but I personally know that Fish Eye’s boxed wines are very good. And, the visuals are amazing.

Cheers to your health with individual bottles with screw caps and/or baby champagne bottles!