Legal Drinking Age of 21… Should it be changed any time soon?

If the saying, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation” has any legs to it, years ago – while living in that wondrous state – the legal age was dropped to 18.

It was done for all the same arguments that are resurfacing today:

  • If a young man or woman can go to war, why can’t they legally do shots, if they have to take pot shots at someone else?
  • S/he can vote, so why can’t s/he legally have a glass of wine or a can of beer?

So, we changed the law, giving our youngsters a go at it.

They then went on to wrapping themselves around trees, knocking people off the road, and making life on the roads a lot more dangerous… Until the laws were reversed.

It didn’t take long either, because they quickly proved that it was a very bad idea.

The bottom line is that culture doesn’t change over night. And, allowing kids to legally drink at 18, who were never allowed to socially drink, but are all of a sudden given the unsupervised privilege, will quickly change the landscape.

Considering history… it won’t be for the better, if Maine was any kind of social experiment with tangible results. Perhaps we should all go back and study that time period first, so history doesn’t repeat itself with any member of your family?

There need to be some kind of baby steps taken, versus opening up the flood gates, if this kind of a movement really takes shape…

What are your thoughts… Or is this too sobering?

2 Responses to “Legal Drinking Age of 21… Should it be changed any time soon?”

  1. Steve says:

    This is a tough one. We all know people under 21 are going to drink anyway. Is there any evidence that more of them would drink if the age were lowered to 18? Anyway, I think the reasons why young people wrap themselves around trees is far more complicated than just the drinking age. It has to do with parenting and education, issues that America doesn’t seem able to solve.

  2. admin says:

    It is a tough one. College students and military kids all do it within the confines of a protected environment. As soon as high school kids (and that

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