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Slow News Thursday ~ Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be above the clouds?

My job has given a lot of opportunity to me; air travel as part of the configuration is my absolute highlight… There’s a pun.

(Taking off from San Francisco, headed to Greenville, South Carolina.)

It might also be that I grew up with a father who had his private pilot’s license, and we had our own airplane.

(When writers talk about fog that rolls in, blanketing an area right up to the mountain’s edge, this is what it looks like.)

I clocked some flight hours, until my mother found out about my dad taking me to the airport for flying lessons… all behind her back.

(Crossing over into California’s Central Valley.)

She clipped my wings faster than a captured tropical bird headed for export.

(This is Mono Lake. Our pilot announced that from the right-hand side of the plane we could see Mono Lake, and from the left was Lake Tahoe. I was obviously on the right-hand side.)

When flying, I’ve always got my camera ready in a carry on.

(Headed toward Nevada.)

I used to travel over 60,000 miles a year, but that’s slowed quite a bit.

(The Colorado and the Green River join downstream of Moab, UT in Canyonlands.)

Never, in all my travels, have I seen anyone else snapping his/her way across country, much less looking out the window from one coast to the other for any length of real time.

(Amazing pinnacle outcropping in New Mexico. Victorio Peak is a nondescript, craggy outcropping of rock barely five hundred feet tall. It is nestled near the center of a dry desert lake known as the Hembrillo Basin in the desolate wastelands of northern Dona Ana County in the southern part of the state.)

I guess I’m overly curious, overly in awe of all that lays below my altitude when flying.

(Texas farming in very planned symmetry.)

So, for anyone who’s similarly curious, here’s a trip from San Francisco to Greenville, South Carolina, in a photo journal.

(Touching down in Dallas, Texas.)

The wine industry has lots of us flying around… It’s just a way of life, and I enjoy sharing that lifestyle in this blog’s journaling.

(The Heartland of the country is very flat and repetitive, with many, many areas like the circles of Texas farming. The weather’s cloud cover didn’t allow for images of the earth, but the clouds themselves were gorgeous.)

Greenville, South Carolina… Arrival…

(This trip was for pleasure, but the images are similar to what I’ve seen so many times before, which I can’t even begin to count… Except to say that what I do always count are my blessings.)

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