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Wine Country Living: This is How I Roll on a Slow News Thursday

It’s a great thing out here in California, and please correct me if I’ve missed evolution in the “other 49″… California’s Lemonade stands have conveniently morphed into Frappuccino stands.

Who can pass up kids on the street selling (what I thought was going to be lemonade)?

I was zipping by them on my way to the store. There they were… just waiting for anyone to notice them. This was on a street with very limited foot traffic, and almost less car traffic.

I pulled over, crossed the street and said, “Okay, I’ll have some lemonade.”

They all looked at me and said – almost in unison, “We don’t have lemonade, we have Frappuccinos.”

I almost gasped at where we’ve come, and said, “Okay, I’ll have a Frappuccino!” (It was really good, I might add.)

Is it just wine country living, or is this a sign of our times?

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