Paul Dolan of the Mendocino Wine Company is this year’s Honorary Chairman for the International Green Wine Competition. This is the first and only competition solely devoted to recognizing and rewarding outstanding wines made from Biodyvin (France) certified, Demeter certified Biodynamic (R) (International), Certified Organic, Transitional and Natural grapes.

Since we’re in the month of our country’s birthday, July 4th, 1776, my only focus for this blog entry is to highlight the US winners of the 2008 International Green Wine Competition, held May 5, 2008 in Santa Rosa, California.

Competition Facts:

271 entries
40 Class 1: Certified Biodynamically Grown Grapes
170 Class 2: Certified Organic
45 Class 3: Transitional & 3rd Party Certified
16 Class 4: Natural
Wines from six (6) states and 11 foreign countries competed

To read how stringent the judging was, you can visit their website at Green Wine Competition. I’m currently only interested in delivering the list to you, because it’s a good reference list.

UNITED STATES AWARD WINNING WINES, All categories… (These are the wineries to be looking for on Websites, store shelves, and wine list/menus that are making the GREEN effort):

  • Alma Rosa
  • Ambyth Estate
  • Amity Vineyards
  • Ardales
  • Argyle
  • Atrea
  • Benton-Lane
  • Bokisch Vineyards
  • Bonny Doon Vineyard
  • Bonterra Vineyards
  • Bonterra Vineyards
  • Ca’ del Solo
  • Ceago Vinegarden
  • Cullen
  • Deloach
  • Domaine Carneros by Tattinger
  • Frey
  • Graziano
  • Hagafen
  • Halter Ranch
  • Heartswork Winery
  • Heller Estate
  • Heller Estate:
  • Herzog
  • Lobo Loco
  • Lolonis
  • Marimar Estate
  • Martella
  • Mendocino Farms
  • Montinore Estate
  • Moon Mountain Vineyard
  • Morgan
  • Morgan: Morgan Winery
  • Mt. Tehama Winery
  • Our Daily Red
  • Patianna
  • Paul Dolan Vineyards
  • Quivira
  • Resonance Vineyard
  • Saracina
  • Sky Saddle
  • Snoqualmie
  • Sunset Cellars LLC
  • Terra Blanca
  • The Four Graces
  • The Organic Wine Works
  • Tres Sabores
  • True Earth
  • Tyee Wine Cellars
  • Volker Eisele Family Estate
  • Willamette Valley Vineyards
  • Winter’s Hill Vineyard
  • Woodward Canyon
  • Yorkville Cellars