Even large corporations, where emotions are for the weak of mind and being stoic is respected as the norm, are not immune from having to feel growing pains.

It this particular case, it’s a conundrum…

[Q] When is a growing pain not a growing pain?
[A] When it’s been advised that “In order to grow, you must shrink.”

Growth by shrinking… Demerger…

In an article that I read, Fosters just got the news that they should undergo a break-up. You can read the entire story in The Sidney Morning Herald’s June 12, 2008 story by Colin Kruger. Foster’s break-up best: analysts

According to Colin, what’s going to be attractive is their beer division, not their wine portfolio.

What? Beer?

How does Foster’s (a beer company that decided to get into the wine business) sell its beer division only to get stuck with wine, which they’ve yet to figure out how to sell?

Where is this all going?

Got any good ideas?