Wine Touring in Pure Luxury ~ Limousine… that is…

There is nothing more enjoyable when in wine country than to just “enjoy the ride.”

Honestly, if you have the means, consider hiring a car service and do it in pure luxury, because it makes the experience much more enjoyable, worry free, and safe.

Most people who come to wine country come to enjoy wine. This most probably means that as you taste, you’re not going to be doing what a professional wine taster would be doing… spitting. You’ll find yourself tasting, chatting, and learning in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you spend the day doing this, your blood alcohol level is going to become higher than you’d guess. Taking away the driving responsibility will mean a safer day.

Whichever area you’re going to be visiting, think responsibly. You’ll be doing everyone, including yourselves, a favor. The image above is of Danny Teldeschi of F. Tesdeschi Winery with Cheryl Dupris. The three of us shared a day of Pure Luxury, which included Danny’s F. Tedeschi Winery… Once he saw our car, he came along for the ride.

Danny and I have lots of “being on the road” history, working together on behalf of Petite Sirah. We tend to have great laughs together… He knew this was going to be a special day, and Danny just left his winery in someone else’s capable hands and jumped at the opportunity to go along for the ride!

One of the very first couples that I met when I moved to California at the end of 1992 was Gary and Jennifer Buffo, proprietors of Pure Luxury Transportation. I’ve watched their company grow beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Think it and become it. Gary and Jennifer have successfully morphed into their catch phrase: Premier Transportation Provider Superior Service.

Pictured above is the Mounts family with Cheryl Dupris.

When I had US Army Sergeant Cheryl Dupris visit California upon her return from Afghanistan, she wanted to taste only Petite Sirah. I created a 10-day extravaganza for her. Part of that was asking Jennifer Buffo if she’d be willing to give Cheryl a day of Pure Luxury from her company. Without even batting an eyelash, Jennifer gave us a car for an extremely fun day. We visited Mounts Family Winery, Pedroncelli Vineyards, F. Teldeschi Winery, and then Field Stone… All in Pure Lux.

Pictured above are Julie Pedroncelli St. John and Cheryl Dupris.
Pure Luxury drivers must all represent the company with the highest quality of professional standards, and they’re all considered wine country experts in the Napa and Sonoma valleys areas. they know where to go, and can even craft a perfect day for you, based on where you’d like to go, and what you’d like to do.

And… They’ve become GREEN!

How does that happen, you might ask? According to Pure Luxury’s site:

Our Commitment to our Customers

Our company history is rooted in hard work, customer service and innovation. Our business is not about the vehicles we operate and manage. Our business is all about servicing you – our customer – the best possible way we can.

As our business grows and as we continue to serve your needs, we have come to realize that in order to reach the “next level” we must do more. Our customers deserve more, our industry deserves more – but most of all, our planet deserves more. We understand that for our company to continue being successful we must make a serious commitment to do our part in preserving the planet.

Therefore, Pure Luxury Transportation has officially rolled out an ambitious and aggressive plan for a “green” and Environmentally Sustainable business. Our first step has been to undertake a third-party audited greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline measurement of all aspects of our operations. We have created and are now following a strategic Emissions Reduction Plan to reduce the GHG emissions expelled by our fleet and facilities. Our plan includes:

1. Driver re-education and training to conserve fuel
2. The adoption of fuel efficiency technologies as needed
3. The transformation of our business operations to reduce electricity consumption
4. Employee incentives to reduce company waste and utilize more efficient personal transportation modes
5. The ongoing measurement, auditing and reporting of our results

Our final visit that Pure Luxury day was at Field Stone with the Reverend Dr. John Staten, pictured above.

While most of the images I’ve provided in this story about Pure Luxury aren’t all about their cars, the images added to this story capture the heart and soul of why people come to wine country, what they do while here, and how it’s more relaxed in the comfort of Pure Luxury, without a care for that very special day.

If you’re touring Sonoma or Napa, you have the choice to do it in this kind of Pure Luxury!

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  1. Honey says:

    My Petite Sirah Friends

    I have arrived here in Iraq after several stops of waiting and waiting and waiting…you know the ole saying in the Army…”Hurry up and Wait!!!” well I was in Kuwait and waited for my flight into Iraq only to find my name at the bottom of the list…so, now that I have arrived I can’t help but think how my last trip ended and I feel good all over…I will cherish each and every moment of excitement and experience when I tasted each glass of my favorite wine and look forward to returning and having the pleasure of know now how I can find it….

    The other thought comes from when I learned that this wine came from the grape Syrah and Plurison (okay help me out here Jo, I can’t spell) I often sat and thought about what Jesus and Cleopatra were drinking in their hay day…I bet you it was “Petite Syrah”. or that portion that makes that wine so delicious…I have been to Babylon or our cradle of civilization
    as they say, and can not help but think that they made these huge refrigeration for just that Petite.

    But I do have them beat as I have had the best in the year of 1997…and that is when it began for me…although I did enjoy that Trentadue and Foppiano, but I can’t forget that Robert Biale wine…whhhhoaaa. What I would do for that “Royale Punisher” (ahem 1997!!!)

    …and all the rest not to say I could not have enjoyed all the others any less..

    My mind will be with you all and of course my taste will never forget…

    I have arrived here in Iraq and awaiting my office to report to and this long journey will be over soon…when you are busy it goes by real fast and I hear there are lots of things to get done here as far as my job goes which is paperwork…paperwork…paperwork…

    I love you all and thank you so much for that experience last year which I swear it seems just like last week…

    I will keep in touch and look forward to sharing all this info with the wine lovers all around me…

    Hugs and Kisses

    Honey Airborne

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