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Andrea’s Weekend Immersion Wine & Food Pairing Course at COPIA

Andrea Immer-Robinson, recognized both within and outside of the wine business as one of our preeminent wine educators, is offering a Weekend Immersion Wine & Food Pairing Course at COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts on August 1st & 2nd in Napa, California.

During her course, you’ll learn from one of our best resources the wonderful relationship between wine and food, and how to taste and pair like a professional sommelier. According to Andrea, once you’ve completed her class, you’ll “be able to select the most appropriate wine at any restaurant, confidently predict how a wine will taste just by looking at the label, and greatly improve your hit rate on buying wines you love.”

As in all formal wine education classes, Andrea’s is geared toward providing a whole new perspective, vocabulary, and confidence in dealing with wine and pairing food with wine. Additionally, her focus is always to make if fun and enjoyable, removing the elitist stigma that knowing anything about wine must mean that you’re some sort of wine freak-geek.

Andrea has gathered an exceptional line-up of world-class wines, valued at more than $1500, for you to taste and compare. These wines, which include high-end bottlings from Gaja, Bollinger, Chapoutier, and classified Chateaux in Bordeaux, will be paired with delicious and perfectly matched foods.

If you love wine, this remarkable course will provide rewarding benefits for years to come. Don’t wait; course size is limited. For complete details about the Weekend Immersion Wine & Food Pairing Course and the wines we will be tasting visit her Website by clicking here. [Cost is $495 per person.]

This promises to be an outstanding event!

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