Jeff Cohn, Kent Rosenblum, Jim Concannon ~ Holding Greatness in one’s hand

[Above photo, left to right: Kent Rosenblum, Jeff Cohn, and Jim Concannon]

When I worked in radio, I was privileged to hold greatness in my hand – Like Tina Turner, Sting, ZZ Top, Heart, Aerosmith… All of them… as we shook each others hands, after they had let me photograph them. That was a very exciting time to be working in FM radio and working with so many talented people.

Now, as I continue to work with highly talented people, I’m reminded of how my life allows me to work with so many fascinating characters. This proved itself so true at my last PS I Love You board of directors meeting, when I took these images of my new “stars.”

As I took these shots, I thought – behind my lens – what classic photos these are going to be. Each of these men have added so much to my life, allowing me to journal a bit about them.

Jim Concannon started it…. Isn’t that so like kids… “He started it!”

Well, he did.

He bottled Petite Sirah in 1964 with a 1961 vintage, and little did he know by 2002 the variety would have its own advocacy group, PS I Love You.

Lou Foppiano was the one who allowed the group to form, because we were working together on his PS Symposium. I have a propensity for starting groups, and it was a natural segue – from the symposium to an advocacy group being formed. Louis was the first to bottle Petite Sirah in Sonoma County with a 1967 vintage… not far behind Jim Concannon.

When the group formed, Kent Rosenblum’s membership fee was the first to arrive…

Lots of firsts here. At the time, Jeff Cohn was his winemaker… So, by virtue of association, Jeff was also one of the very first members of PSILY. Now, with his own winery really taking off, he’s in his year as president of PSILY.

Each one of these winemakers is not only incredibly talented, but they are also some of the kindest, most interesting men in the wine business. The reason for this adulation is what I call “the humility factor.” Each one of them is so genuine and dear; being prominent hasn’t destroyed their balance between who they are and who they still need to become… For them it’s always to better themselves, but not against anyone else… Just with their own self worth and personal development.

I have a footer in my Email that goes to all with whom I communicate. “PR is a gift, not a given.”

It’s there to remind those with whom I work that each time they’ve been written about, it’s a gift from the universe. No one is owed anything, honestly. So, every time one of my clients ends up in a story somewhere, it’s cause for celebration.

These images were taken at JC Cellars, after our meeting. Barrels, stainless steel fermenting tanks, and tasting room… This is the space that Jeff Cohn shares with Dashe Cellars in Oakland. It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area. Or, you could just plan to go there. The wines and experience won’t disappoint. Both Jeff and Dashe Cellar wines are highly regarded for beautiful flavors with lots of critical acclaim.

Yesterday, I was Emailing back and forth with wine writer Chuck E. Hill. Chuck, who was asking if I could include a couple of my brands in a Zinfandel tasting that he’s about to conduct for WinesNorthwest.com, commented… “Love your quote about PR. True, true, true.”

It’s with great joy that I’m able to share these classic images, that make up my daily life as a wine publicist – and now a wine blogger.

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