This is one of my favorite annual holidays!

It turns what some view as a superstitious day to stay in bed, into a day of great frivolity… I need days like this, don’t you?

Never mind TGIF!


Each year, for one day… and one day only, I don’t have to take full responsibility for all of my actions. Honestly, I don’t abuse this day, making a full mockery of life, but I do use this option at least once…. And it’s better to just get it over with earlier in the day than later… Although I might still pull this card later if I have to.

This year, it’s today ~ Friday, June 13. So, if you’re late today, blame it on someone else: your neighbor, kids, or dog… You can come up with someone, I’m sure.

Katie Kelley, of Shopping like it’s $19.99, can blame her wines being reviewed yesterday instead of today on this site… I asked her to deliver one day early… So, she’s all set all day. She can blame that on me all day long.

I’m going use my “blame it on somebody else day” on a group of people, though, rather than just one person. This way it really gets spread around. It’s my “Ladies Group.” A really talented collection of women artists (spanning all the arts; from food, to landscape architecture, to working with oils) gather once a month to enjoy friendship, food, wine, and catching up with each other’s lives at Sassafras Restaurant in Santa Rosa, California.

It’s their fault that I don’t have a wine brand or wine issue to rave about today. I got distracted the other night with them. Each month it’s whoever is available, and this month it was Diane Theodorelos, Jody Grovier, Kari Branigin, and Karen Kelly.

We spent our time together talking about non-wine things (including BIOSED); so, I don’t have a wine interview, a wine photo, wine issue, or even a wine event to even discuss… Unless getting together with a group of people to share food, wine, and friendship counts as being “wine-ish”?

It’s their fault!