In 1970, Ronald and Marjorie Vuylsteke became pioneers of Oregon wine making by founding the first winery in Washington County. Back then, there were only a few vineyards and a handful of wineries in all of Oregon. Today, as “the people’s favorite” winery in the Portland area, Oak Knoll Winery is proud to be the Rose Festival’s one and only wine sponsor.

According to the Rose Festival Website, “Oak Knoll, the Official Wine of the 2008 Portland Rose Festival Foundation, is one of the oldest wineries in Oregon, and its second generation is proud to continue the tradition of partnership and support of the Portland Rose Festival, as the founders have done for several years.”

The alliance between The Rose Festival and Oak Knoll is one of mutual agreement, understanding, and commitment to serving Portland. This relationship dates back to 1987, when Ron and Marjorie Vuylsteke initiated an art scholarship program that would be given to an Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) student through a label art contest. In order to encourage and foster art within the Portland community, this recognition brings awareness to young artists at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and also greatly benefits the winning student. Once the rendering’s been chosen, the student then goes through the entire wine label production process from working with the designers, through all press checks, to seeing his or her final work on the wine bottles.

This year’s recipient is Christopher Kramer, who has been creating multi–layered dream–like drawings, paintings, collages, and artist books for over 10 years. His work has been shown in numerous regional galleries in Detroit, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon. He’s currently a third year BFA student in the book arts program at OCAC.

“We’re just delighted that this year – as in past years – our 2006 Oak Knoll Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir will again be enjoyed by Festival goers as the official wines. We couldn’t be more pleased to be part of our community in this way,” states the president of Oak Knoll, Greg Lint.

The public is invited to the Art at Poster Garden’s June 5th Rose Festival Art Extravaganza, with more than 20 local artists displaying their work. For more details, visit The featured guest artist is Christopher Kramer, who will be signing limited edition bottles of his art work on both the…
2006 Oak Knoll Pinot Noir & 2006 Oak Knoll Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley.