It’s an annual event, and it reminds me of the client parties that Jose and I used to attend years ago when we worked for WBLM-FM radio in Portland, Maine.

Everyone that supported the radio came together once a year, because they were invited to do so. Marvin Shanken Publications has the same type of gathering in both Sonoma and Napa once a year, and it’s done well.

The event was held at Charlie Palmer’s Hotel Healdsburg, in what’s evolved into the very trendy, tourist’s “must visit” town of Healdsburg, California. Charlie has a very visible location each year, and this year it was delightful to see that he’s bringing his FCA (Future Chefs of America) sons into the spotlight with supporting roles.

I honestly love to see children become involved in what their parents do, regardless of whether-or-not they choose that career path, they’re still educated in having a career. That’s the most important element. Watching his sons, they took what they were doing very seriously, even at their tender years. In the image above, the Palmer children’s mother is pictured with her parents, as well as Helaine and Louis Foppiano of Foppiano Vineyards, and Audrey and Barry Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards.

I Recently, I read a fellow blogger’s comments about how most of the world wasn’t invited to this gathering, so I thought I’d just bring you images. Merry Edwards and Jim Laube of Wine Spectator are in the above photo.

It is a Who’s Who of Sonoma County, blended with the accomplished personalities of Wine Spectator. Cheryl Lewis, one of my contact people at Wine Spectator is in this group shot. I think she’s always easy to find, because she lights up any room. Look for the most vibrant person in this image, and you’ll know who she is.

She’s also in this Wine Spectator “Girl Power” shot… Can’t put the pieces together? Might as well make this fun.

You may or may not know who some of these people are, so I’ve done my best to caption the images; although, who in the world doesn’t know who Gina Gallo is?

As the evening melted away (this an ice sculpture, by-the-way – not a flower vase, presented by Fiji Water Company!), we thought we were finally seeing double.

Nope, just a couple of dancers who may even have been twins!

Winemakers all… Michael Terrien of Hanzell and Adam Lee of Siduri.

Daryl Groom of Geyser Peak fame with MaryAnn Worobiec of Wine Spectator… You may have read her stories while drinking his wine?

Dave Rafanelli on the left of A. Rafanelli Winery.

We’ve slipped into Healdburg’s Italian legacy with not only Dave Rafanelli, but also Louis Foppiano (Foppiano Vineyards) and Julie Pedroncelli St. John of Pedroncelli Winery.

This final image is a gorgeous shot of MaryAnn Worobiec, and a great way to end last night’s “fun time had by all.”

BYOM, if you didn’t guess, is Bring Your Own Magnum…