Mark your calendars, everyone. On Saturday, July 5, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the community is invited to a memorial event at the Robert Mondavi Winery to honor wine industry iconoclast Robert Mondavi.

Mr. Mondavi had mentioned, before passing away, that if a memorial event were planned, he wanted it to have a New Orleans flavor.

The event will include wine and New Orleans inspired food to complement memories of Bob Mondavi. That evening is also the opening concert of the RMW Summer Jazz Festival, and it’s going to be featuring the New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band…. This is going to be a day long event worth remembering.

If you’re planning to attend the memorial event, you need to remember, for traffic and parking’s sake:

  • Highway 29 is only a two-lane highway
  • It’s the 4th of July weekend, so there’s going to be lots of traffic, regardless
  • The concert series already has a built-in audience, and no doubt these folks will make this an odyssey day

If you have no interest in being part of this amazing event (?), but still have a need to pay your respects, head over to the winery in advance to sign the memorial book dedicated to the memory of Robert Mondavi.

If you don’t live anywhere near this event (proportionally in the US, most of you don’t), simply go on-line and leave your thoughts, as I did… The Napa Valley Vintners Association created an online “toast” to Mondavi on its website at, inviting people to share their memories of Mr. Mondavi in words and pictures.

That said, I still need to migrate to the Robert Mondavi Winery on July 5, because I worked for the man, and lots of my former colleagues will be there… We need this time…