The Process of How a Writer Writes

When I worked as a vendedora for Belvedere Winery in the 1990s, Puerto Rico was one of my sales territories.

I built stronger bonds with my relationships by declaring, “Me gusta las playas de Puerto Rico.” (Playas = beaches: “I love the beaches of Puerto Rico.”) Because I was selling wine on this island, I spent a great deal of time learning the language, out of respect.

Whether it’s sales or straight ahead PR, creating a great relational environment is the only way to advance anything.

Which brings me to La Playa as a wine company.

Why do I write about them fairly consistently on the blog?

Because their PR person Carey Sweet consistently reaches out to me, advancing La Playa’s cause.

As a wine blogger author, I’m quickly learning who’s good at their job, and who’s falling down on it. I’ve had many writers tell me that there are a lot of PR people who aren’t doing their jobs, and I always found that hard to believe.

I called a PR person about a story I wanted to write about on Friday, May 21, and I’m still waiting for him to get back to me. Meanwhile, La Playa’s doing circles around the other story… and so, of course, I’m going to drop the other, and just move on… With 10,000 wine companies out there, I’d rather take my time to work with those who are responsive, than to chase my tail.

This is how writers work, and is a “fly on the wall” moment.

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