It was a perfect afternoon for rug cleaning.
Professionals were zipping though the house.
The decision of what to do with this “found” time
Turned into poetry reading and wine sipping…

Although I couldn’t be at “The Beach,”
I was sipping a 2007 Viña La Playa Block Selection Reserve Chardonnay
(“La Playa” is Spanish for “the beach”)… So, I was almost there…
My copy of “Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers” had just arrived,

The book is really wonderful poetry written by Joseph Mills.
As my husband and I sat in our back yard,
held hostage by the decision to have the rugs professionally done,
I gathered book and wine, and began to read out loud.

This brilliantly written body of work had us laughing out loud,
realizing that Joseph’s razor-sharp wit and wisdom
was more than what the doctor ordered…
It was insightful, inspirational, and extremely well written entertainment.

It was easy to recognize that Joseph Mills is a complex Ph.D.
Why? Because he took extremely complex realizations,
Reduced them to their most common denominators,
And then converted them into comical revelations…

My kind of person… He inspired me,
and I came away with my own musing…
The only outside poem, “Dirt,” was reproduced from
“Effervescence in a glass of champagne: a bubbly story”

It was written by Gerard Liger-Belair and Phillippe Jeandet,
Laboratorie d’oenologie, faculte des sciences de Reims, France.
It was cleverly written in the shape that we all remember
right out of the days of Ozzie and Harriet

A champagne glass resembling a female body part.
Remember those? The book left me wondering.
At what point did champagne glasses convert
From a female body part to a male body part?