Shopping Like its $19.99

Shopping Like it’s $19.99 with Katie

This week, I enjoyed two more wines that were selected for me by Steve Nelson of The Wine Guy in Asheville, NC. So far, I’ve enjoyed the wines that Steve picked for me.

First, I tried a Columbia Valley, WA, Chardonnay. The 2006 Powers Chardonnay, priced at $10.99, was one of the best Chards I’ve had in a while. There was plenty of fruit, such as kiwi and nectarine, with a nice mineral quality. There was some oak, but not much, as far as my palate could tell, which was complemented by vanilla flavors. The nose jumped right out of the glass and the finish was smooth and nice. I don’t think that I ever would have selected this bottle on my own – I just don’t know that much about Washington wines – so I sure am glad that Steve brought it to my attention. After doing some research online, I’ve discovered that they’re now packaging their Cabernet Sauvignon in a 3-liter box for $22.00. I’ll have to see if Steve can get it for me (on sale) and discuss it at a later date.

The second wine that I tried this week was the 2003 Badissa Salice Salentino, from the boot heel of Italy for $8.99. This is made from the Negroamoro grape variety, whose name literally means “black and bitter.” It had lots of dark red fruit, and was big and bold. For me, it wasn’t a great sipping wine, but I used some of it to braise beef short ribs, and they were so good! This was my first experience with a Negroamoro wine, so I can’t say whether this wine is a good representation of the variety. I’ll have to ask Steve the next time I see him.

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