Shopping Like its $19.99

Shopping Like it’s $19.99 with Katie

If you read my posting last week, you know that I visited a local wine shop, The Wine Guy in Asheville, NC, and that Steve Nelson selected a case of wine that I could write about here. Every week I review two wines that together do not total more than $19.99, and I discovered that The Wine Guy is a wine shop that is bursting with values. After last week’s success, I eagerly opened two more bottles that I could discuss here this week.

I started with the 2006 Saumur Blanc Reserve des Vignerons. This is a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. Steve told me that they sell a lot of this wine in the summer months, and, after tasting it, I completely understand why. Priced at $8.99, this is a wonderful, medium-bodied, summer-sipping white. I found citrus, green apple, and peach on the nose and palate. The wine had a nice mineral quality also, which I understand to be an influence of the limestone soil in which these vines are grown. I loved this French white.

Priced at $10.99, which was exactly the price point I was looking for in my second bottle this week, was the 2005 Saumur Rouge Reserve des Vignerons. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the folks at the Asheville Wine Guy knew all about my column when they priced these two wines, but it was really just luck on my part. This wine is 100% Cabernet Franc, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. With its light and fruity nose to its palate bursting with raspberries, this wine paired wonderfully with homemade pizza on Saturday and a perfectly grilled (thanks to my husband) NY Strip on Sunday. French wine is still somewhat low on my learning curve, and since I’m still not 100% clear on what varieties are grown in the particular regions, I rely on help when purchasing them. I am so happy that Steve introduced me to these two incredible French values!

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