Earth Day, Reflecting on Earth Hour…

The above image came from the nature conservancy Website. For more on what they’re suggesting, just visit this link: The Nature Conservancy Website.

Yes, the designated “hour” for “Earth Hour” came without a peep from me… the ‘ole tree hugger that I am. I should have been right on that one, turning off my lights, living by candle light and all that jazz…

How could this have happened, you might ask?

Well, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t see it coming and going.

My life was full, my time was preoccupied with recycling and reusing, and I was busy thinking about many more things. This period of time included copious meetings taking center stage, with my journaling taking a back seat to what was more immediate.

So, on Earth Day I’m making an Earth Day resolution.

Doesn’t everyone on Earth Day?

Mine is that from now on, my house wines (i.e., the wines I have with my meals at home and in the privacy of my own home) are coming out of a box. Less carbon fingerprints. Pick your favorite… I have mine.

I’m celebrating this decision with Killer Juice Merlot.

Mother Earth ~ Merlot… Alliteration in wine, and that’s just fine.

My Raley’s carries it, and I’m like a homing pigeon to the shelf when a box is just about empty.

Champagne for New Years, Merlot for Mother Earth.

Wines in a cask can last up to six weeks with minimal pouring and enjoying on your counter and then in your glass. Mine never makes it six weeks, though; but, it’s still a comfort to know that they can.

Happy Earth Day. I trust you’re also making an Earth Day resolution.

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