Cyber Monkeys and Knights in Shining Armor

Dear Diary,

This past week, I didn’t journal on my blog because I didn’t want to write. I didn’t journal because cyber monkeys invaded my space, and blocked my ability to write things in cyber space.

This blog is powered by Word Press. Someone with no direction home has found a way to post Web language in Word Press “comments section,” and once it’s posted, it blocks the blogger from being able to post anything, or to even edit previous posts.

I learned this within my post about Steve Heimoff’s book signing event. I was trying to remove an extra “c” from Rancho Zabaco. I’d remove the second “c” in my edit area, then hit save. I’d get what I would later learn was called the “Dreaded White Screen,” and I’d try again.

It is sometimes said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again with the same negative results, so it didn’t take me but a few attempts to go running to my Webmaster husband Jose. He also did the run around to see for himself, in order to get a handle on what was going on.

Jose immediately went to Word Press’ forum site, in order to post a query and get to the bottom of my blog’s problem.

What we learned is that there’s an entire community now experiencing the Dreaded White Screen.

So, this became a mystery to solve for my “other” Knight in Shining Armor, our son-in-law Hasan Aziz. (You’d know Hasan from the PS I Love You Website that he built and maintains.) Hasan spent copious hours last week resolving the blog’s internal database problems, and Jose’s spent more copious hours helping me.

Thanks to a Webmaster team that’s as astute as the cyber monkey (who has nothing better to do with his talent-gone-bad), they’ve corrected the inner workings of my blogs’s “php” data base.

Those of you with Word Press, “Beware of the Dreaded White Screen.” And head to the forum. You’ll need a new version of the program, and lots of hours to spare… or not…

This blog’s not only up-and-running again, but my Knights refreshed the look of Juicy Tales. So, from the lemons comes lemonade. I hope you enjoy this new look, but we’re not really thanking the cyber monkey, are we?

(I hesitated posting this image of Cyber Monkey, because it’s just not dainty; but then I thought, why not expose him for who he is based on what he’s put me through…)

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