US Airways, Great Customer Service, and Business Travel… all in the same breath

Dear Diary,

Imagine having the name of an airline and great customer service in the same sentence.

Business travel, leisure travel, and airlines… It’s become a battle for business travelers to survive these days.

Gone are any meals of substance, unless you’re willing to buy food that falls even shorter nutritionally than their warm meals did a couple of years ago… just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Personally, I’m thrilled that I don’t own any of those jumbo jets. Can you imagine the fuel it takes to fill a tank?

As as we all know, when it’s time to cut expenses, it usually begins with human resources. With that being the case, great customer service can easily become a thing of the past.

My own frequent flyer program with United Airlines has turned into a nightmare just to get a live person on the phone. Press this, press that, press the next thing, and then you hang up because even “0” doesn’t bring a live person anymore.

Delta… don’t get me started… I recently experienced a peeping tom in the ladies rest room in Atlanta. The guy had on a really bad wig (trying to look like a woman), but that’s hindsight, so Ladies beware in Atlanta. I seriously complained to Delta, and they just brushed me off…

So, US Airways comes into my life, as I’m trying to transfer frequent flyer miles that I picked up by booking with United but fyling on US Air. United wasn’t going to help. I had to get service from US Air. I thought, “Oh, great, here we go again!” This time, though, I had lost any patience I had left, so I probably didn’t PR my way into anyone’s heart. I bulldozed through the process, and was quite an irksome person. I wanted immediate satisfaction, all the time believing that this, too, was going to fall on deaf ears.

Well, my dears, was I ever wrong!

And it’s worth sharing with anyone who’s got a FF program in effect. Next time I fly with these guys, I’m going to do it as their frequent flyer.

I sent an Email to US Air to resolve my problem, and Kathleen P. (Internet Support Specialist at US Airways) not only got back to me immediately, but she also solved my problem in what can only be called “the snap of her fingers.”

A day in the life of a wine professional means travel, and if it’s not comfortable, the work becomes a nightmare. To actually have a responsive airline needs to be a shared piece of info among the traveling, working community. If you’ve not found this one out yet, please be advised!

Thanks Ms. Kathleen and everyone at US Airways!

Flying into San Francisco, can you see the Golden Gate Bridge?

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