More than once on this blog I said, “It is easy being green. We just have to think a bit more.”

There’s a new wine competition that’s just been created; and, because of its nature I’m thrilled to support it.

The question that’s being asked by the organizers is, “Will Your Wine Win a Place on the first-ever Consumer’s Green Wine Shopping List?™

I can’t wait to see the results, because it’s worth also keeping that list on this blog. I’ve been involved in green efforts for longer than anyone would care to track. I deeply care about this planet.

The International Green Wine Competition™ stands ready to do the work… and then answer the question, “Which Outstanding Wines Should ‘Green’ Consumers Buy?”

Wineries are invited to submit their qualifying wines made from certified Biodynamic®, certified Organic, Transitional, and Natural grapes to this first ever International Green Wine Competition®. Once the results are in… we’ll have a who’s who list shopping list (right on their site from those wineries who’ve submitted their wines.) This is so great!

The Competition’s going to be held in Santa Rosa, California on May 5, 2008. The Honorary Chairman is Paul Dolan of the Mendocino Wine Company. Paul’s the absolute leading organic wine pioneer in the United States.

I remember buying Fetzer’s organic wines in the 1980s, when Paul was there, leading the organic campaign. I was thrilled to find a wine touting “organic.” It was a long, long time before anyone else even mentioned the tree-hugging “O” word, again.

Paul’s also the author of True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution.

Any winery interested in entering may either enter online or download entry forms, and to receive wine delivery information, just visit their The International Green Wine Competition Website.

The irony of my life, I just realized, is that I moved from Greene, Maine to promote green in California… It was a lot more Greene there, in many respects. As Maine goes, so goes the nation…