Not sure why this one isn’t thought through more often than not. Perhaps I’ve just seen so much of what it can negatively do, that this one just gets me going.

Years ago, I got off the road from pouring at wine events, because I was doing about one a month, and it began to bore me. I had reached burnout.

I had reached such burnout, as a matter of fact, that I got relief by writing Road Warrior Survival Guide, with Wine Business Monthly finding it amusing enough to print it.

In the story, I listed all the eccentric behaviors I’d seen while being on the pouring side of the table…

One behavior that I found very annoying was the Bell Ringer. You know the type… every last drop of wine must be out of the glass before any other wine can enter that sacred globe. The more tasting the person does, the more desperate the behavior seems to become.

Hold that behavior, because we’ve got a job for you come November. This way, you’ll be raising money for a good cause, versus causing someone to have to spend it, by taking her skirt or his pants to the cleaners. Unwittingly, you’re causing someone to have to remove the red wine that “somehow mysteriously” got onto his or her clothing.

Or, better yet, here’s a simple solution that I’ve discovered… Bring a few simple napkins with you. When you’ve dumped your wine from your glass, catch those last few drops in your napkin. You can even wipe the rim of your glass. It’s all self contained and very tidy… and no clothing becomes destroyed in the process.

Who knew!