Wine Etiquette

Wine Tasting Etiquette ~ It’s Okay to Spit ~ In fact, you’ll be safer for it

My mother got it into her head that I needed charm school in my adolescent years… So off I went; learning how to make square corners when I made a bed (or was that in Girl Scouts?), how to put on and take off my white gloves, book on the head et al.

So, I developed some pretty funny attitudes that have had to have some adjustments.

I remember when I was first in a tasting room and seeing someone spit – ever so long ago. I thought, “What trash! Besides, isn’t this wine drinking?”

Well, yes and no… Depending on how long you’ve been enjoying wine, the more you taste wine for evaluation, the less you want to swallow copious amounts.

If you’re out wine tasting in wine country, or you’ve got your own private party going on where your friends and you have gotten together to taste and learn about wine, the less you swallow, the more steady your gait as you walk away from the learning experience.

I wish I could remember where I read that professional tasters, even after hours of tasting wine, when tested for alcohol in their blood and had negligible amounts, versus someone else who experienced the same amount of tasting and would swallow a good amount of it.

Remember, when you’re out wine tasting (tasting – not drinking – being the operative word) swirl, sniff, and spit is chic… maybe even geek… but never, never freak.

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  1. “Spitting and dumping is absolutely not frowned upon