Romantic Hills ~ Where the romance of wine begins… In the vineyards

There’s a program that delivers images (most of which) I’ve taken, on the sidebar of my desktop. As this one popped up breaking my train of thought, I looked at these Shannon Ridge rolling hills and was struck by how we’ve been able to arrive at the notion of “romance” within the wine industry on a really gut level.

Who would deny that these hills are romantically sensual? And, isn’t that where wine begins, right in the vineyards?

These grapevines make wine. What follows are a few of my favorite rolling hills. To have so many images, and not share them seems like such a waste… So, enjoy!

This first set is from friends at Donati Family Vineyard. They’re located in the historic Paicines AVA.

This next set are from the Suisun Valley AVA.

The final set are from Shannon Ridge, one of the most gorgeously breathtaking vineyards I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy while visiting with my friends Clay and Margarita Shannon.

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