Florida Winefest & Auction ~ As good as a wine and food event gets! April 24 – 27, 2008

“See you in Sarasota!” said she, with glee.

My capacity as an organizer allows me to create a panel, and then execute. This year, the Florida Winefest is where I want to return.

While an employee of many wine companies, I had the honor of traveling extensively, experiencing the wine world from behind the table, pouring wine for whichever wine company I was representing at the time. In this capacity, I was able to evaluate the best of the best, and this set up future travels as an independent PR agent… Being able to tell my clients where their brands would get great visibility.

Florida Winefest is one of my absolute favorites. It’s done well, it’s in a gorgeous location at a perfect time of the year, and most people who attend are sincerely interested in learning about each wine they taste.

This year, the organizers have allowed me to organize and host a panel of Petite Sirah experts. This is a first for them, and I’m trusting this won’t be the last. Panels are extremely popular, because people are sincerely interested in meeting the people behind the brands, and hearing what they have to say.

This year’s Petite Sirah panel is comprised of the following:

  • Jim Concannon, Ambassador of Concannon Vineyard
  • Louis Foppiano, General Manager of Foppiano Vineyard
  • Mike Phillips, Proprietor of Michael-David Winery
  • John Monnich, Proprietor of Silkwood Wines
  • Miro Tcholakov, Winemaker for Trentadue Winery, and Proprietor/Winemaker for Miro Cellars

I’m also going to be there with two of our other brands, Black Coyote Chateau (Marketing Manager Jose Diaz) and Oak Knoll Winery (President Greg Lint and Winemaker Jeff Herinckx)

The Florida Winefest & Auction prides itself on the fact that principals only represent the wines. This kind of thinking has created an impressive lineup from year-to-year, and is no doubt what makes it such a popular wine festival. People come from all over the US for this one, and there’s also an international elements with some of the attendees.

Location, location, location… and great planning. See you there!

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