I have to admit, the first time I heard the name Cleavage Creek, my ugly feminist head did a swirl.

“What?” I asked myself. “Who would do such a thing?”

I had to investigate. What I learned set me back on my heels, and spun my head back around to where it belongs.

Each model pictured here is on a label for Cleavage Creek, and happily/thankfully so, I should add. Each woman is a survivor of breast cancer. This is a label with a cause.

The story of this winery’s birth and reason for being begins with Budge Brown, who lost his beautiful wife to breast cancer. After his initial time of mourning, Budge then turned to activism. If a cure could be found, others would not have to feel the immense and overwhelming pain that those who remain must face each day from the loss.

Having just lost a couple of friends to cancer, this issue’s got my attention. Also, having a natural granddaughter, who lost her biological grandmother to breast cancer – also has set the stage for immense empathy.

Mention breast cancer to any woman, and you immediately get the female audience’s attention. Who among us doesn’t know a woman who’s passed away from this terrible disease? There are also men who are deeply connected, having lost a woman in their lives.

Add really sexy labels to wine, and you’ve got the rest of the male audience regardless of their life’s circumstance. So, Cleavage Creek is well on its way to success!

What will bring it even more success is proprietor Budge Brown’s personal story. He’s one of those people who will do something about loss that will have a positive impact on life that embraces everyone.

I was fortunate to have a conversation with Budge about his sexy labels… Okay, I said sexy, because they are sexy. I could dance around it, but I’m not going to. Budge convinced some very beautiful survivors of breast cancer to join him in Las Vegas to become individual label models for each variety of wine that Cleavage Creek offers, and they had a ball of a photo shoot.

Visit his Website to learn more. Purchase his wine to do more about breast cancer… Helping to find a cure. Cleavage Creek.

Happy Valentine’s Day…