Open That Bottle Night Five Wines, One Selection: WSJ’s Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher are at it again!

Here’s the lead in: “What special bottle to open for OTBN 9? We have five cherished contenders – a Brut, Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Burgundy – and will let you choose which one we uncork. By DOROTHY J. GAITER and JOHN BRECHER January 31, 2008.” posted in the Wall Street Journal.

Looks like it’s Year Number 9 for them (OTBN9). They innovatively created their own annual event, and it’s gaining momentum. I was reminded of the event by Laurie Jones, my Concannon Vineyard liaison, on my trip to Livermore a couple of weeks ago. Then, OTBN slipped away as I drove back from Livermore to Windsor… back into Sonoma County. It all came rushing back when I read the Wall Street Journal couple’s story for January 31: “Open That Bottle Night: Five Wines, One Selection.”

What a great idea! Go digging around in your collection and open something you’ve been saving for a long, long time.

Here’s where to buy older bottles: I know that Foppiano Vineyards is currently selling some serious library vintages, starting with some 1980s and tripping into some early 1990s. You can buy them on-line. Concannon also has some older vintages for sale. Simply call either (or both) of the wineries and order a special bottle, so you can join this snowballing event.

Foppiano: (707) 433-7272
Concannon (925) 456-2500

I’m not going to tell you everything that ‘s in John and Dorothy’s story; why reinvent their wheel, or give away all their details.
But I will tell you this. They’ve got five wines listed, and you can vote for which one they’ll be opening. Personally, I voted for the Pastori, because it’s a hearty Burgundy; aka Petite Sirah. What kind of an executive director would I be (PS I Love You) if I didn’t vote for the old “Pet.” After our Masters of Petite Sirah event this past November at Markham Vineyards, I’m very clear about Petite’s age-worthiness… That’s my vote.

Here’s the Link: OTBN 9

Here’s the point: Wine, when well balanced, ages beautifully. Tannins soften and fruit’s delivered in soft, inviting, and enveloping ways. A night with an older vintage is like a night with old friends… Special, fun-loving, and loquacious! I can’t wait for February 23. I’ve marked my calendar, have you?

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