Chinese New Year ~ What Wine to Pour? How about a little Now & Zen!

2008 Chinese New Year ~ February 7 – 22, 2008 ~ Year of the Rat. Let’s Party!

If you’re looking for a wine to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year, look no farther than an Alsatian wine. As many of us have learned, classic Asian cuisine (Heat) and Alsatian wines (Slightly Sweet) are a perfect complement when enjoying many Asian flavors!

It’s the heat and the sweet, boys and girls… It just becomes so delicious!

Cooking Asian foods has been one of my passions, since the 70s. I raised my kids with a kid strapped to one hip and a wok strapped to the other. It wasn’t the usual thing to do back then, but I’ve never been “usual.” I operate from a place that just feels right for me. I made a personal decision to be a stay-at-home mom. That gave me time to study nutrition, and preparing Asian foods was such a pure way to feed my kids. I wanted my daughters to eat well so they could think well. (What a concept!)

So, what would I pair with this wine?

  • Chicken with Cashews in Rice Wine Sauce (with a few drops of sesame oil)
  • Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce and Poached Pears
  • Chinese Spare Ribs with brown bean sauce, minced garlic, and fresh ginger

I’ve personally fallen in love with Now and Zen, an exciting blend of classic Alsatian varieties; Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer. These cultivars are sourced from vineyards located throughout the heart of the Alsace region in France.

The 2006 Now & Zen is only $9.99!

This wine is imported by Underdog Wine Merchants. I became blessed when Underdog entered my life, because their portfolio is really expanding my world knowledge of wines. Every wine company I’ve worked with has taught me so much about a certain segment of the wine business. An import company is a very expansive experience.

Being born and raised on the east coast, one would think that I’d be as Eurocentric as many wine lovers are along that coastline. I was raised in a family, however, that only celebrated with Manachevitz on traditional, Christian holidays. The real benefit in that exercise was that everyone, including children, raised and enjoyed a glass of wine in celebration. Wine wasn’t the forbidden fruit for me as a result. We just weren’t very adventurous… That came much later when I moved to California and did a fast-forward through a wine sales and marketing degree program. I got to study it all from industry experts: enology, viticulture, wine componenets et al.

I can thank the Preston family of New Zealand with their Mills Reef wines for learning about that region, but that’s where the world of wine began and ended. Until Underdog came along, my real missing link was worldwide wine knowledge.

There’s a saying that if you want to learn something, teach it. Having to help craft messages is very, therefore, enlightening.

Sharing this wine’s source: Stretching for about 70 miles, this Alsatian region runs north-south between the Vosges mountains to the west and the Rhine River (German Border) to the east. The sandstone rock and thin soils prevalent in Alsace vineyards result in a wine with layers of flavors and crisp structure; which, as a result, is ideal on its own or perfectly positioned for flavorful food pairings. Now & Zen’s nose is aromatic, fresh, and complex. Floral notes dominate initially, followed by intense fruity aromas. The palate is crisply structured and fresh.

Now and Zen’s package is as delightful as the wine. Combining fresh new art work, I just love it. It just caught my eye the very first time I saw the bottle. Then, the wine caught my attention for flavor (first) and then value.

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