You can only go as fast as the slowest car on the road, and sometimes that can be a good thing

Dear Diary,

A day in the life of a wine publicist…

So, there I was, hurrying to get over the hill from Sonoma County into Napa, on my way to Suisun Valley. I was delivering some press kits to my colleague Roger King, who was headed to the Unified Wine Grape Symposium in Sacramento. The new 2008 kits were hot off my printer.

Rain was drizzling down, travel was a bit precarious, but I was making great time… Until I came upon someone a lot more cautious than I thought necessary. I’m betting that he woke up, read his horoscope and it said, “If you make a mistake today, you won’t live to regret it.”

I got to closely inspect his slow-moving, 1965 turquoise Ford Pickup… Chrome bumper (dented but shiny), hibiscus stickers from Hawaii in both corners of his rear window… He and his wife chatting back and forth, heads turning… Hey… wait a minute… Maybe he didn’t closely read his horoscope this morning, after all!

I, however, had an epiphany at the apex of the mountain, as I was about to descend into Napa Valley, when I realized I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I took a deep breath, and found myself writing poetry.

A Soujour through Napa

Layers of fog dotting the hills,
Rows of paperwhites and bright daffodils
Lining the roadside with the promise of spring.
Showers and flowers all seem to sing…

Baby cows all grazing on bright, new green grass,
Thinking this will always, always and forever last…
Pastures so verdant and perpetually plush
Giving them their meandering, ephemeral rush…

Okay, back to reality. I now know that if I hadn’t slowed down, I wouldn’t have discovered the St. Helena Olive Oil Company in Rutherford. “I wonder if they have olive oil tastings,” thought I. Just the week before I had my niece Jessica visiting from the Boston area. Her sensitivity to sugar has her not able to enjoy wine, so we were exploring “what to do in wine country when you can’t drink wine.” Which turns out to be a lot, by the way. (Land of milk and honey… cheese and olive oil… Very Mediterranean.)

With kits delivered on time and in good order, I returned to Sonoma County valuing the time, and pleased that I had also come up with a great idea for a custom children’s book!

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